Shipping & Returns



All photomontage prints (except custom or special orders) can be returned for refund or exchange within 14 days of purchase. All photomontage prints (except custom or special orders) can be returned for exchange only within 30 days of purchase.


Each three dimensional (3D) photomontage is a custom work of art - because of this we offer no returns or exchanges on these products. Each montage is created by hand. These are not mass-produced products, therefore each photomontage might differ slightly in the way it is constructed and arrange. By placing your order you agree that the artist Carl Walker Crum has complete artistic freedom in the manufacturing and design of your photomontage.


By the very nature of the photomontages, parts of each sign will be covered up by overlapping signs next to them. This might cause the majority of a sign or images to be covered.


Each 3D Photomontage is made the same way. Each image is created from a photograph that has been hand-cut and mounted on a metal backing. The image is then coated in a UV inhibitor. The photomontage base is made of black foam-core. Each image is adhered to the base using a high-temperature adhesive and foam-core squares. The motor powering the turning sign will be located at the bottom of the photomontage and connect to the sign via a metal rod.


Each photomontage is made by hand, and therefore might have slight irregularities and imperfections. I understand that the 3D Photomontages are made to be viewed hanging on a wall at eye level. The 3D Photomontages are not meant to be seen from behind, underneath, or from above.


The artist has created every element in the photomontage, so I expect and accept that they will be constructed and designed with the artists’ personal vision, technique, and discretion.


The photomontages on display in the Texas Photomontage booth, stores or other venues were made with the same standards and techniques listed above.


There are no returns or exchanges allowed on the 3D Photomontages. Each piece is made-to-order and therefore cannot be sold again.


In order to complete the final composition additional images may be added to my photomontage. The selection of these images is up to the artists’ discretion. You will not be charged for these additional images.


If you have selected more images than you have paid for, it will be up to the artist, Carl Crum to select which of the images to include from your selection.


Since each Photomontage is made to order, it may take up to six weeks from the time you place and pay for your order, and the time you actually receive it. Each order will be shipped via UPS ground insured with signature required.


Although each photomontage is coated with a UV inhibitor, you must keep the photomontage out of direct sunlight or humidity to prevent fading or deterioration.


The 3D photomontage has an internal motor that powers the turning image. The motors for the photomontages have a repair warrantee for two years from the purchase date against defect. The motors are designed to operate in a continuous motion. IIn certain conditions the motors may make a ticking or mechanical noise – this is normal condition, and does not constitute a defect.


If you have any questions about the above statements or photomontages in general I must speak to a Texas Photomontage representative before placing an order.


By placing your photomontage order you agree that you understand and will adhere to the above terms and conditions, that you have no further questions regarding how the photomontage will be created and designed. You also understand that there are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES allowed on the 3D photomontages.


If you need to place a RUSH order, or have your photomontage print or custom 3D artwork delivered by a certain date, contact us for our current production schedule. We will try to accommodate any special requests, particularly for holidays and special occasions.


All photomontage prints usually ship within one to two days from our Fort Worth, Texas location. Custom prints, special orders or large quantities may take several additional days to ship.


All 3D photomontages are made to order. Smaller 3D photomontages usually take 2 to 4 weeks to ship, while larger ones can take up to 6 weeks to ship.