Livestock Sign At Fair Park | Texas Art Print | State Fair of Texas Art

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Fair Park has a long history of hosting many events in Dallas, including the State Fair of Texas.  Its grounds are occupied by many iconic and deco buildings and landmarks. This vintage neon Livestock sign is planted on top of a non descript barn on the outer edges of parking lot, south of the Texas Star Ferris Wheel.  It is a shining example of the durability of old neon signs and the warmth they bring to your everyday life.  We shot this on one of the hottest days in Dallas. The asphalt was so hot it was soft and the heels of my shoes were sinking in it.  Looking East, a thunderstorm was forming and the clouds were gigantic and awe inspiring.  This print epitomizes the Dallas of today and yesterday - it's simultaneously a rough and majestic;  the Emerald City of East Texas.

This museum quality print is made with 100% acid-free heavyweight cotton paper using archival pigment inks. Each print is signed by the artist.