About Us


"Our goal is to bring beauty to your home and maybe a chuckle, or two.  We believe that we are all more alike than we are different and  that love is the answer.  We strive to make work which is a reflection of that. "


Making Art and Making Love in Texas

Betsy and Carl Crum have been making art together since the mid 90s.  Both attracted to beauty and form, they joined forces and began selling their wares while still in college in the great mid-90s.  

Carl is from Austin, Texas and was a mere 14 years old when he created his first 3D Photomontage in his cluttered bedroom on Valesquez.  He sold the photomontage that same week during a dinner party his mother was having and thus, an industry was born.  Carl continued to make the 3D photomontages through his years in Nacogdoches, while he was attending college at SFA.  

Betsy hails from a teeming metropolis in East Texas known as Houston County.  With access to her mother's darkroom, Betsy found herself taking and developing pictures from a young age.  The smell of developer takes her back to a very specific place and time.

Carl and Betsy both studied film, photography and art at Stephen F. Austin and continue to take their love of all things quirky, kitschy and Texas to a level that is often copied but never duplicated.

Over the years their work has taken them all over the country.  In addition to Sort of Cool, the couple also have a documentary film company and their work on the Southwest Airlines & PBS documentary series - One Square Mile: Texas garnered them 5 Emmy awards and 14 nominations.

Sort of Cool's work can be found at art shows across the state and online. 

Currently, they reside in a squirrel ridden TCU neighborhood of Fort Worth with their two little girls, who are also artists; along with an assortment of pets.

Since its inception in the early 1990's,Sort of Cool and Texas Photomontage has captured the vintage signs and landmarks of the past and the contemporary icons of present day Texas.  The series includes Austin, Bryan & College Station, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Texas, and Big Bend National Park.